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Salmon Creek Reservoir, ID - Nov 2021
2022_09_NV_Iron Spring Ranch-1.jpg
  Iron River Ranch, NV. Sept 2022
At Home in Joseph, OR - Jan 2023

After more than two years on the road exploring historic trails West, I have settled in Joseph, OR - Oregon Trail country at its finest! In following the routes of the westward pioneers trails  (the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails and branches thereof), which often parallel the routes of the Pony Express, Transcontinental Railroad and Lincoln Highway, my intention has been to create a body of work that captures fragments of the history that built the American West as we know it. I also endeavor to reflect the life and landscapes of the present in small towns and rural areas across the United States. A particular interest of recent is on images that bring to focus the environmental issues facing the American West - namely, the current drought and resultant dust storms, wildfires and receding reservoirs.

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